Register Company in the USA

In the United States, there are four main types of corporations: LLCs, S-corps, and C-corps. Each type of corporation has its advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the right one for your business needs is important. Learn More

USA Company Dissolution

In any unfavorable, unplanned, and/or unfortunate situation and/or event you can opt for winding up your US company’s affairs and terminating its legal existence. Learn More

Revival of Companies

If your US company is deactivated due to whatever reasons (e.g. persistent non-compliance), the company is no longer eligible to do business. In such case, your US company needs to be revived first or say to be activated first and make it eligible to do business. Learn More

Conversion of a Company

Conversions can be a convenient way to change the legal structure of your US Company without having to start over from scratch. This can be beneficial for businesses in the USA that need to change their structure due to changes in their ownership, operations, or tax status. Learn More


Moving your existing business from one state to another allows your US business to retain its original date of incorporation, federal tax identification number, bank accounts, licenses, and lines of credit. Learn More