FEMA (ODI|APR) Indian Compliance

Indian companies and residents are required to obtain prior approval from the RBI for overseas investments. After overseas direct investments (ODIs), Indian companies and residents need to submit an APR to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on an annual basis.
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US CPA Letters/ Certification

Get US CPA letters and certification for income projection, financial estimates, and projections, statement of net worth, certification of financial statement, employment verification of employment, and attestation of audited/ reviewed/ compiled financial statements.
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Non-Resident Business Banking for your US company

Open a US business bank account and get access to a suite of banking solutions tailored to your unique needs.
We offer competitive exchange rates, multi-currency support, and dedicated support to help you manage your finances seamlessly.
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Resident / Nominee Director for US entity

Ensure compliance and avoid liability with our resident/nominee director services for US non-residents.

We provide experienced and qualified professionals to serve as directors on your US entity’s board.
Your trusted partner for US entity formation and management.
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The US Company’s Annual Filings

We’ll take care of your US company’s annual filings, so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

Our experienced team will ensure that your filings are accurate and complete and that they are submitted on time.
Compliant and hassle-free annual filings for your US company.

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